July 11, 2011


Have You Considered DIRT 3? - You performed a drift of 10 metres or more Season Opener - Complete your first Career Race
Pole Position - Take the first Pole Position of your Career
Just The Beginning - Take your first Career Victory
Lightning Fast - Set the Fastest Penalty Free Lap of the Race in any game mode

Sublime Talent - Set the Fastest Lap in ever Session of a Long Race Weekend in any mode
Push The Button - Cleanly Overtake an Opponent While KERS is activated
Winging It - Cleanly Overtake an Opoonent while the Adjustable Rear Wing is activated
Precision Driving - Complete any Race without Colliding with another Car or Object
Constructor's Champion - Win the Constructors' Championship in Career
Drivers World Champion - Win the Drivers' World Championship in Career
On The Bounce - Beat Alberto Ascaris Record fo 9 Successive Career Victories
Do It Yourself - Win a Race in any mode using Manual Gears
They're on which Buttons? - Win a race without activating Kers or Adjustable Rear Wing once
Co-Op Drivers' Champion - Win the Drivers Championship in a Co-op Season
Test Driver - Cover a total of 500 Pracitice miles / 805 kilometres in your Career
Drivers World Championship (Hard) - Win the Drivers World Championship in Career on Hard or Expert Difficulty
Blue Flag - Lap at least 6 other cars during a Race in any game mode
Trophy Collector - Win a Race at each of the 19 Circuits in any game mode
Car Control - Win a Race without any Driver Assists enabled in any game mode
Impeccable Performance - Win a Race from Pole Position in any game mode
Keep your Friends Close - Complete a full Co-op Season
Completionist - Set a Time in all of the Time Attack Scenarios
Opportunist - Perform a Pit-stop during a Safety Car Period
Senna-esque - On lap 1 under heavy rain conditions take the lead after starting no higher than 5th on the grid
Glancing Blow - With Damage on Full make contact with the wall at Monaco and win the Race
Is Jenson going to pass or not? - Win the Turkish Grand Prix driving as Lewis Hamilton
Slingshot - Spend a total of 10 minutes Slipstreaming your opponents in any game mode
On the Podium - In any Race Finish in the top three
Down to the Wire - Take the Lead on the Final Lap of a 20% + distance rate and Win
Keeping it Clean - Finish an online race without making contact with an opponent's car
Robot-like Constency - Complete 5 successive laps each within quarter of a second of each other
It's the Driver not the Car - Win the Drivers World Championship with two different teams in Career or Co-op
Teamwork - Win the Constructors title in a Co-op Championship
Solid Performance - Score points at every Round of a Career or Co-op Season
10 Online - Win 10 Online Races
35 Online - Win 35 Online Races
Slap on the Wrist - Receive a Drive-through Penalty then go on to win the Race